The Three Mindset Shifts You Need To Go From Practitioner Owner To Business Owner

Today, I’m going to share with you the three changes you can make in your focus as a practice owner that can take you from working in your practice as a practitioner-owner to working on your practice as a business owner. I’m Corey, I’m a fellow practice owner and I help practice owners to grow scale and automate their way toward a packed-out practice. So, I’m going to get straight into it. I’m going to start by giving you a sense of what does it mean to work in your business? So, working in your business means you’re stuck, you’re seeing too many clients. You’re not positioned where you want to be. You’re doing the mundane day-to-day tasks, and you’re really not focusing on the important things that are directly related to growing the business. For example, sales and marketing. You haven’t got time to go out there and spend time on critical activities, because you’re there at the practice doing the bookkeeping, or the admin work, seeing clients, even though you may think these things are productive, is it the best use of your time?

You’re there doing the data entry, the pays, the invoicing, if you’re doing this stuff, you’re stuck in the business. Now, when you’re working on the business, on the business activities means that you’re out there building partnerships, you’re working on revenue and sales generating activities, such as marketing, client attraction, your client retention. You’re helping the team to be more successful by helping them to communicate better and provide better clinical outcomes for their clients. You’re out there promoting your business to potential referral partners, hosting workshops and events in your local area. You’re doing the activities that actually take your business forward. Now, when I started, it was all about me and my fiance Teagan, we were stuck in the business. If we weren’t here, we weren’t making any money. But we had a choice. We knew that we didn’t make a decision to go toward being on our business, rather than in, we were just going to stay stuck as a slave, a slave being in our business.

And like we all do, we all start our business to create freedom, to create choice for ourselves. And work towards creating a lifestyle that we want our business to support. Well, that was what we wanted anyway. But we were stuck in the day-to-day. It was really hard and we didn’t really know what to do, but we knew that we needed to make a change. We didn’t want to be stuck in our business forever. We knew that we needed to make some new decisions around how we were going to make better use of our time and what we’re actually going to focus on as business owners. And the three things we did was just focused on three major changes. We focused on the who and not the how, because to get the mountain of things that we needed to get done, done we understood that we’re either paying in our time or we pay in money.

So, we could spend all the time in the world trying to figure everything out, Facebook, the latest and greatest in healthcare innovation with all the new tools and apps and things that are coming out, latest marketing and sales strategies and tactics and all the stuff that’s out there. Or, we could leverage people who’ve already mastered it. We could go out there and find people who have already done what we’re looking to achieve. Find out what they know and literally turn decades into days, if not hours or minutes. It’s just like reading a book. You can spend your whole life trying to understand a certain skill and learning it through failures. Or you could simply reach out to, or look up people who have been down the path before, read their book. And again, you’re turning decades into days. This is why, if you want to go from working in, to working on your business, you need to start thinking about the who instead of the how, who can I delegate this to?

Who can do this better than me? Who can I trust to get this done? And get it done better than me. It can be things like your day-to-day’s, who’s picking up the phone? who’s paying the invoices? who’s doing the stock take? who’s doing all the data entry? who’s populating all the reports. Start focusing on the who, not the how. Our second focus becomes sales and marketing, or you could call it revenue generating activities. If you want business growth, 80% of your time and focus needs to be on marketing, sales and revenue generating activities, because all business growth is sales and marketing led. Studies show that fellow business owners, your competitors, they’re only spending 11% of their time on these key activities. So, if you’re going to propel your business forward, if you’re going to spend your time masterfully, spend it on revenue producing activities.

If you’re going to create the freedom that you want, you need to spend 80% in your time on these things. Our third focus that took us from working in our business to working on our business, is we focused on becoming insanely resourceful, instead of focusing on lack of resources. We can sit there and go, “Well, I can’t, I don’t know how, don’t know where to start. I’ve got no money.” Or we could become ultimate resourceful and we could start thinking, “Well, how can I do this? How can I afford this? How can we go out there and leverage the latest and greatest in social media marketing? How can I get in front of the right people that I need to. How can I form the right partnerships and relationships that I need to, that’s going to help me to propel forward? What do I need to do to become ultimately resourceful in my day.” If that’s starting earlier, finishing later, doing more with less, whatever it may be, focus on becoming ultimately resourceful, opposed to focusing on lack of resources.

It’s the number one thing that stops people in their tracks, is when they start having the mindset around, “I can’t, I don’t know-how. I haven’t got enough money for that.” All that sort of rubbish. We need to eliminate that and say to ourselves, “How can I find a way?” Those are the three shifts that we made in our healthcare business, to take our business from a consumer of our life to an enhancer. The first one is the who not the how, the second is 80% of your time needs to be focused on sales, revenue-producing activities. And the third thing is to become ultimately resourceful and stop focusing on lack of resources. If you want help in implementing any of these things into your business, then book a discovery call with me today, and I’ll help you identify three changes that you can make in your business, to take control back and grow the practice of your dreams.

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