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Corey is the owner of a Multi-D multi location healthcare practice. He works with other practice owners to help them achieve the same success he has achieved.


Are You a Practice Owner Who Puts Up with These Daily Frustrations?

Hi, I’m Corey Rickit, owner and founder of StudioXphys along with my partner Tegan McKenna.

You may not have heard of me as I am relatively new to the industry, starting StudioXphys 6 years ago. But in that short time, along with Tegan, we have grown our clinic to a multi-million-dollar business operating out of two locations. Our rapid growth has seen us having to expand the size of our clinic 3 times to accommodate the influx of clients with 16 professional team members to service their requirements. To date we have completed 40,000 treatments and helped 5,000 clients. I don’t say this to brag, but to impress upon you what is possible.

When I first started, like many of my peers, it was all about me as the owner operator. I quickly fell victim to the daily frustrations listed above so if your experiencing any of them yourself, I can relate to the way you are feeling. I couldn’t take a day off because if I wasn’t working, I wasn’t earning any money. The reality was, I didn’t own a business; I owned a job.

I knew I couldn’t sustain the lack of work-life balance, so I invested heavily, over $150,000, to break the shackles of the business relying on me to be there and learnt how to leverage the latest technology to automate a laser focused client journey from start to finish.

After constantly being approached by other practice owners wanting to know how I changed my business around in such a short time frame, I decided to start coaching other practice owners to show them everything that is working in my business now and help them achieve the same results.

Now I pull back the curtains and reveal our proven and successful systems to a select group of business owners who want to replicate the rapid success StudioXphys has had and become the ‘Go-To Clinic’ in their area.

Corey Rickit

Owner & Founder - Studio X Phys

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