Could Corey Rickit Be Your Next Podcast Guest?

Corey specialises in helping healthcare practice owners grow their businesses while winning back their time.


3 Reasons To Have Corey On Your Podcast


He owns two healthcare practices

Corey is not just a coach. He also owns 2 healthcare practices with a staff of over 30. He is building his businesses while he coaches his clients


He does what
he teaches

Every strategy Corey uses as a coach he first implements in his businesses. He does not teach strategies that worked 5 years ago. He teaches strategies that were successful for him last week.


Your audience is his #1 priority

Every time Corey speaks to an audience they always respond with their mind is blown with how he turns complex business strategies into simple processes

Topics Corey Can Speak On

Corey is a business coach for healthcare practice owners. he can speak on all topics around recruitment, sales, marketing, leadership, healthcare tech, finance and client engagement. Below are some of the topics Corey can speak on that many healthcare practice owners will get massive value from

The GP Referral Script

Corey initially built his healthcare practice on the back of doctors referrals where he was getting 40% of his new clients from doctors. He has documented his process in what he calls the GP Referral Script. The process he teaches is not only a revelation to most Healthcare professionals but is actively helping him win new clients in his healthchare practices every week.

Clinic Patient Attraction Website Bluepring

The following blueprint is based on Corey’s website for his Multi-D Healthcare Practice. This website generates the lion share of new clients every week. This discussion is a detailed explanation of the features that enabled him to to turn any poor performing website into a new client engine.

How I Generate Over $60K income in one day in my healthcare practice 3 times a year

Corey runs special days in his healthcare practice 3 times a year where he sells deals. Over the years he has optimised the process of running these days where he how consistently sells over $60K of deals over and above the normal days takings. His highest day was $70K.

Example Podcast Appearance


Watch this 14 minute video workshop where I show the 3 marketing strategies that grew my healthcare practice to $1M in 3 years.


About Corey

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