The Top Technology Tools for 2020 We Use In Our Private Practice

I am going to show you the seven fundamental apps and tools that you need in your healthcare business in 2020 and beyond. 

I know as a practice owner you’re busy. Busy seeing clients or busy managing the day to day in the business but If you want to run a successful practice and have a life by design you have to master one of my favourite words in business and that is “leverage”. The quickest way you can leverage your time and energy is by using the right technology. Once your done watching this video you will have all that I wish I knew years ago when I started my practice when it comes to what technology you need and why you need it in your practice  My name is Corey Rickit, I’m an entrepreneur, healthcare private practice owner, founder of StudioXphys and Amplify Your Practice.

I help practice owners scale their business and go from operator clinician to business owner entrepreneur.

So let’s dive in.

The first thing is your practice management software. 


We used Nookal for a number of years. We’ve found that Nookal was okay but we found that the reporting wasn’t accurate. It made knowing our numbers almost impossible, and you need to know your numbers in order to know what to focus on. What gets measured, gets managed and when you are not getting the right information about your business you don’t have clarity on what to change.

Also, their support team wasn’t great. 

Every time we had a question, it would usually take us a couple of days to get back to us and had to lodge a support ticket. There was no online live function either. 


For your practice management software, I’d highly recommend using Cliniko. We switched over to Cliniko and we’ve found it really great. It’s got great support. They’ve got online chat. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to change over to if you’re using an old practice management software like Front Desk or Nookal or anything of the others out there. We’ve found that Cliniko is always innovating as well. They seem to be keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in what’s going on in the industry. I have met the main guy behind Cliniko Joel at an event and he seems really involved with other practice owners out there and is actively seeking out the advice of what they can be doing differently. And I just love that!

So if you’re looking for a great practice management software to use, I highly recommend using Cliniko. The next thing is Cliniq Apps. Cliniq Apps is a client nurturing automation. Cliniq Apps helps you to send messages out to your clients or your database systematically. It works with either Cliniko, Nookal or Core plus so you don’t have to use other tools like Zapier or anything platforms that are messy.

Cliniq Apps

So Cliniq Apps works really well. It’s also a marketing automation tool. Essentially you can set up campaigns just like you would in any regular automated marketing software. However you can link in to your practice management software so for example if you had someone come in to your practice with back pain, you could essentially just write #back pain or any back pain writing in their clinical notes. 

Cliniq Apps will speak to your practice management software PMS for short and all you have to do is go into Cliniq Apps, type back pain into Cliniq Apps and it’ll bring in Cliniq Apps every single client that you’ve ever had into your practice that has had back pain in the past. 

Then you can tailor specific marketing messages to them around you know “Hey, how’s your back pain going?” And send any information or educational content around back pain so it works really, really well. There’s some also great features around welcome forms and things that work in Cliniq Apps. So if you’re looking for a marketing software that integrates into your PMS, certainly use Cliniq Apps. 


The next thing’s Slack. Slack is a communication tool. It’s a great way to help your team to communicate with each other through different channels. You can add channels through different categories of what’s going on in your practice. You can have conversations within each of those channels. You can also speak privately with each of your team members within Slack. 

It takes it away from having to text your team or Facebook message or anything like that. You can just send Slacks. You can also upload videos and things into Slack. It’s really informative and easy to use. The next thing that I would use in my business in 2020 is Medipass. Medipass is fairly new.. It’s essentially payments through your practice management software. So your client can link into Medipass and then you can essentially send payments or invoices via their mobile number. Through the app they’ll get notified through that mobile number or through their mobile number in Medipass. They only have to input their details once.


 So if that’s private health or if that’s MediCare, their debit card. Only need to load it in once and then you can send across invoices into Medipass and they can pay it instantly into your PMS. 

So it saves from having to use your hicaps machine or having to swipe privat. It also works really well with DVA. They’ve just integrated DVA. Instead of having to go in and submit and wait for things to come in, you can just submit it all through Medipass and it works awesome.


The next one is Asana. Asana is a task management software tool that all your team can use to make sure that they’re getting everything done but they don’t really have to think about it. The challenge is that when you’re in the service business, your team is seeing clients all day.

 So your mindset of your team needs to be on the needs of the client, not all the stuff that they need to do behind the scenes. With Asana you can set up your task management so they know exactly what they need to be doing each day, all week, every month and they can just tick it off as they go. Your team doesn’t have to think about it. They can just get it done. You know it’s getting done. Your clients know that their number one focus is getting the result and your number one focus is to help them get that result as well. 


The next thing’s G Suite. G Suite is Google’s premiere product. It is a cloud based software. Using the paid version of G Suite I’d highly recommend. It’s actually the only way that you’re able to meet the legal requirements of privacy protection in cloud based systems with information for clients within the NDIS or MediCare.

So being cloud based you no longer have to store files on computers. You can download and use all the products that Google offers in G Suite. 

You know that your data’s being protected and you know you’re not leaking any client data or anything like that or downloading onto computers or storing it on any USB devices. It’s all in G Suite. You’ve got G Drive. You’ve got Google Sheets. You’ve got where you can store your Google site. It’s basically your whole business in one place. So I highly recommend G Suite. 


The next thing and the last thing I wanted to chat to you guys about to streamline your business and have the right tools to amplify your practice in 2020 and beyond is ManyChat.

ManyChat, ManyChat integrates with Facebook Messenger. It’s where people are going now to communicate more than ever. Everyone I speak to, the majority of the people now speak in Messenger. 

It’s an automated messaging tool but it also links into Messenger. With your communication to your clients, you wanna know where your clients are communicating. Because we know that most people are communicating with Messenger, why not communicate with people where they like to be communicated to. With 98 to 100 percent open rates for 30 to 40 percent click through rates, your client should hardly ever, if ever, miss a reminder or notification, message, update, event, whatever’s going on in your practice.

Definitely utilize ManyChat. Get that integrated with your Facebook and your Messenger and explore it and make it a piece of your practice moving forward. I wanted to just stop by guys and share with you my seven fundamental tools you need in your healthcare private practice in 2020 and beyond.

If you want help in implementing any of these systems into your business then book a discovery call with me today and I will help you identify the 3 changes you can make in your business today to take control back and grow the practice of your dreams.

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