Killer Communication In Healthcare

I am going to show you my three killer components, that you need to get right, as a healthcare business owner, when it comes to communication. 

My name is Corey Rickit, I am a practice owner, founder of Amplify Your Practice, and in the last three years I’ve taken my practice from startup to now a million dollar practice.

There are three pillars I am going to show you through and that you need to remember, when it comes to communication throughout your healthcare business. 

The first pillar is how your team communicates with clients. How do your team members build rapport? How do your team members build and develop relationships? How do your team members exceed expectations? 

Now building rapport and developing relationships. For your team member to actually help someone, the client actually needs to like them. In this industry in healthcare, you’re helping people to get moving again, you’re prescribing exercise, some people don’t necessarily like exercise, for them to follow your advice they’re going to need to like and trust you to actually stick to the program, and if you’re going to continue to help people long term, they’re going to need to be coming back to you for some time. So building rapport and developing relationships is a fundamental part of it, right? 

The way we do that is quite simple. We need to remember that at the start, we need to be interested, instead of interesting. And we need to get in the habit of asking really quality questions. We have got to remember that if we’re going to be setting goals with people, if we’re going to be getting vulnerable with people and having people share with us, certain things, certain challenges that’s going on in their life, we’re going to need to already have some level of rapport, some level of relationship with this person. And to do that, you need to get into the habit of starting to ask really quality questions earlier on.

Asking the right questions will give you an idea, and a sense of where this person is at, and where they wanna go. And you can’t forget that this person is interested in making sure you are the right fit for them so don’t hesitate to tell them also a little bit about you, assure them that they’re in great hands being helped by you, and providing them a really good first impression when you go out and meet them in the welcome room is a huge advantage. All of this is achieved by leading the client from the start. 

The next key within communication with clients is managing expectations. Now, don’t you agree that if we’re going to make a change with people, we are going to not just meet, but exceed their expectations, we gotta go all in, we wanna be able to just show them that they’re in the right place and we have the solution to their problems. So the thing we want to concentrate here on is how do we exceed expectations? And we do that by being really confident, speaking with conviction, and also don’t hesitate to ask them, that they can step in and share what they need to with you whenever they feel the need to and also identify what they really want to get out of the process moving forward as well. Other things you can do that is pre-framing and re-framing conversations, this is done by actually gaining permission to spend the next six to eight weeks working together on getting them back back to XYZ, or, is it okay that we spend a bit more time together within the earlier appointments have them a bit closer together, because what that means is we are going to be get you faster relief, get you out of pain quicker then we are able to progress the exercises sooner which when both combined we will be able to get you back to doing the things that you love to do much faster. That’s the way that we are able to exceed expectations is by understanding what they want, understanding what they need, and delivering on those wants and those needs. 

The second Pillar is your communication as a practice owner with your team, how do I communicate? How do I personally communicate as a practice owner, with my team? Is it a message every now and them, when I need something only? Is it a one on one check in? Is it via zoom? Is it once per week, month or maybe quarter?. The way I do it is in person Check-ins. And why that’s powerful is because, we’re getting caught in this world of electronic devices and texting. its great but it’s not personal, we need to remember that we are people, everything is people, so we need to check-in with our people one-to-one, so what we do is one-to-one Check-ins, once each week., we’ll actually catch up with our team and actually have a conversation, how’s family, how’s life? What’s working for you? What’s not working for you? What are some current challenges that you are going through and is there anything that you need help specifically from me? What this does is gives you and your team a great sense of awareness that you care, and that you understand their world, and they get a chance to also understand your world and get updated with what’s going on in person as well. 

The third pillar is how your team sets goals and how you can help communicate the importance of them to your team. I get all the time is how can I communicate goal setting with your team. What you need to understand is that Everyone wants a purpose, everyone’s going toward their own individual goals, and even though as a practice each person is working for you, each team member needs their own goals, their own destination, their own things that they’re trying to achieve, the more you can be involved in that, the more ability you have to help support your team towards their own level of success, and that’s a massive way in which you can help progress your team to create happiness and create purpose and fulfillment. You do that through consistently sitting down with your team having an open and honest conversation about where they are at now, what they want, where they want to go and work with them back on a 90 day, 6 and 12 month plan to achieve them. Keep checking in and help them by holding them accountable

So if you want a practice that values communication so much so that anyone in your team can inspire, lead and influence themselves and others. Then you need to get these three pillars right in your practice.

Pillar 1. Create a system around how your team communicates with clients.

Pillar 2. Look inward and assess how you as a practice owner communicates with your team.

Pillar 3. Helping your team identify through communication how to set goals and action plans towards them.

If you want help in implementing any of these systems into your business then book a discovery call with me today and I will help you identify the 3 changes you can make in your business today to take control back and grow the practice of your dreams.

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