How We Made $25k in 24 hrs in our Practice

I am going to show you how one campaign I ran made $25K in 24 hours in our Physiotherapy Practice

I know as a practice owner, generating new business is the #1 challenge I face everyday and I am going to show you a strategy I used to boost our income immediately on a regular basis

Hi, my name is Corey and I run a physiotherapy practice StudioXphys and also a coaching company Amplify Your Practice

So let’s dive in: 

You have probably got a database of current and past clients – What you need to know is that you are literally sitting on a gold mine. The money is in the list and even bigger than that is the fortune is in the follow-up. It’s literally 6 x cheaper and easier to re-sell to people who already know, like and trust you then it is to go out there and chase new clients.

So what typically happens, maybe not you but certainly other clinic owners out there will send a single email out with a discount or special or maybe a monthly newsletter then crickets/ no response. Then perhaps you try it again and maybe just maybe 1, 2 or 3 people take you up on your offer. Look I get it, it leaves you thinking “geez, sending emails out is a lot or work for no return”. Don’t worry you are not alone, it’s normal. But It does not have to be this way. You just don’t have the right strategy.

So what do you need to be doing differently?

It’s simple Just 1 email campaign that you can do a regular basis to boost your business and results forward when it comes to your marketing

Action #1 – Give your list a reason why you are getting in touch with them. Random emails when its ideal for you with an offer feels spammy. An event is perfect, its a reason you are getting in touch with them other than your own interest to sell them something. Examples of an event could be Your business’s Birthday/ National XYZ Day/ local Community Day etc

Key here is to have something fun planned for that day in the practice – Fun hats, balloons, food and drink provided, look get into it, have some fun, You will love it, your team will love it and ultimately your clients love it.

Day 1

A week out from your event, send an email with an offer based on your event, give people a reason to visit your practice. It could be package deals, reactivation appointments with a swipe of their private health only, free initial appointments. Really make it something special, have your team make it fun too, a celebration. You can also run a contest and then entrees to the contest are people that came into the practice on that day. You need to position your offer as irresistible. And look if you are not one to discount, you can value add with bands, balls and other products.

Day 2

Email #2 – Good news, the hard work is done. You now ask them if they missed yesterday’s email as you would hate them to have missed it but say it in a way that you understand that sometimes things get missed. Then simply copy and paste the previous day’s email below.

Day 3

Email #3 – Is a final call email. This is where all the magic happens. People don’t like to miss out on good things. FOMO is real. But you might be thinking “is 3 emails in 3 days too much? The answer is No, if you are worried then you can apologize for all the emails but I frame it as you would hate for them to miss out. People don’t mind and you won’t burn your list. When you say words like final call or last chance or only one more day. You will get massive awareness.

Then run your event on the day and provide your promise and watch the people come rushing back in to get help from you. You now have another chance at delivering your recommendation and reactivating your clients back into their treatment plan. This exact strategy is what we ran to make 25k in 24 hours and it’s totally free.

If you want help to get these types of results then Book a strategy call with me today and I will help you identify the 3 changes you can make in your business today to take control back and grow the practice of your dreams.

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