The Ultimate Private Practice Retreat

The Retreat Offer

Day 1 - Challenges and Technology

Session 1 - Unlock new opportunities

Session 2 - Master your practice management tools

    • Setup your practitioners in each tool
    • Setup all appointment types and billable items 
    • Setup appointment reminders
    • Install each tool and configure to the AYP standard
    • Link online bookings into website

Session 3 - Eliminate wasted resources with implementing the latest technology

Session 4 - Build out your client nurturing funnels

Day 2 - Marketing and Money

Session 1 - Day 1, Session 4, Part 2 - Build Out Your Client Nurturing Funnels

Session 2 - Generate a Stream of New Clients

Session 3 - Testing and Measuring Your Marketing

Session 4 - Understanding Your Numbers

Day 3 - People and Team Culture

Session 1 - Core Purpose and Values

Session 2 - Attracting and Retaining Superstar Practitioners and Support Team Members

Session 3 - Understand The Key Activities Required To Sustain A Great Team Culture

Session 4 - Scripting Your Team For Predictable Success

      • Answering the phone
      • Booking an Initial client
      • How to overcome objections
      • Payment Processing
      • Handling Cancellations & No Show’s
      • Client’s first session
      • Calling a client that is not rebooked
      • Calling a client with a referral

Session 5 - Creating a virtual team

What You'll Get



      • 3 email we sent to our customer base which generated $25K in one day
      • Most business owners are riding down the highway with their helmet on backward, This dashboard will let you know your numbers in real time  so you can make quicker and smarter decisions on where to spend your time and money to grow your business
Total Value: $35,400
for the Price of $4995