Secrets For Success With StudioXPhys (My Healthcare Practice)

Listen up if you want to create more success in your healthcare practice or business. My name is Corey Ricket. I’m the owner and founder of Amplify Your Practice. I help people grow, scale and automate their way to have the practice of their dreams.

Also, I’m the CEO of StudioXphys, a very successful healthcare company with multiple locations. And this video, I’m going to share with you the secrets I have unlocked over the years, allowing me to create the success we’ve had in our healthcare business. These secrets are the things you can do and not have to go out there and learn on your own and implement to get instant results.

The first secret, the first secret, is getting the right advice. There are people out there who have achieved what you’re setting out to achieve. The best thing you can do is to talk to them. Become a student of their pathway and understand what got them to that point.

So you don’t have to go out there and make their mistakes. You can do things the way from today and into the future. The next thing is delivering excellent client care. 

Now providing excellent client care is a given. We want to be able to create unbelievable outcomes for the people that we serve. And the way you do that is simple. Look at your communication and client touch points throughout your client journey, and make sure that as people go through all those touchpoints, you can have a strategy around what these people are being told and how they’re being communicated to. And that way, you can create predictability by making sure that every single person that comes and sees you or your team are getting the best possible care. 

The next thing is team culture and hiring the right people. Now, the most critical phase of a team is the recruitment phase. We want to already have the systems in place and be hiring the people to run the systems, not the other way around.

So having the right culture means having the right people from the start. But we want to be the gatekeeper of the culture as we grow. And we do that by being vision-driven, mission-driven and values-driven. Next are multiple modalities. Now, you don’t have to just focus on one thing using various modalities. And what tends to happen if you just focus on one thing as every time somebody needs something else, you’re just externally referring all the time, go and see them, go and see them. So instead of having all of these modalities under one roof, everyone can come and be internally referred to you. So the next thing is building a referral network.

Now you can have a flood of people coming to you by knowing the right people. What you need to do is the hard work is actually going out there and meeting them there, especially when it comes to GPs. What you can do, though, is have people being introduced to your business for free just by doing the work once you establish the right relationships and then nurturing those relationships long term.

The next secret is understanding the numbers. If we can only manage what we measure, and it’s a dangerous place to be if we don’t know the numbers or the key metrics and the business, that’s got us the success up to this point and which is going to continue to deliver on the win in the future. But, if we don’t know our numbers, we’re riding a motorcycle down the highway, going 110 kilometres an hour with our helmets on backwards, waiting to crash.

The next thing is knowing what to invest in—what to spend our money on. Now we need to be innovative, be competent in our expenses and be smart about what we invest in. The best investment, of course, will be the people because the people are delivering your products and services to the clients.

If they receive excellent products and services, they’ll look after the business, and the company will look after you. The next secret is team education. The more we learn, the more we earn. So we need to help our team learn more so they can help you make more. So don’t try to reduce the amount of time or try and limit the amount of funding you put into personal development or having your team go out there and learn more. 

Harness their education. The more they know, the better. The next secret is industry knowledge. So knowing the industry, knowing what’s out there, what’s coming, what you can focus on, what the industry is doing, the patterns, the market share, what’s happening in your suburb in terms of how people are responding to healthcare, the more you know about your industry, the more you’re able to innovate, generate new ideas.

The more you can keep up with the technology that can leverage your time and help you automate processes, the better. The easier it will be for you and the more freedom you’ll be able to create. And the last secret, I don’t know if it’s much of a mystery, but it’s hard work. Hard work will get you to where you want to be—putting in the effort, putting in the hours.

There’s no quick fix overnight rich scheme, nothing. It’s just hard work, but hard work and doing the exemplary work. We can work hard and get motivated if we’re progressing towards where we want to go. If we’re feeling like we’re not getting anywhere, deflated, overwhelmed and overworked, we’re in an uninspired place. So let’s get inspired and work hard so you can progress and keep moving to where you want to go.

So those are the secrets that’s helped me and what I’ve found over the years to grow our StudioXphys business to a million-dollar practice and beyond, and I want to share those secrets with you. So now, if you’re looking for help or want a plan in place, you don’t know where to go, and you don’t know your next step.

Then there’s a link around this video. Click that link. Book a 15-minute discovery call with me, and we’ll go through what we’ve discussed today. Look at a plan. See if we can go out and implement that plan on your own or see if you need further help. Either way, that’s okay. See you on the inside, and have a great day.

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