Our Second Clinic First 3 Months Results

Check out the results of a new clinic we started just 3 months ago!

In this video, I pull back the curtain on not just what we did for our Marketing efforts but I also give you a complete breakdown of the financials behind each strategy.

I want to show you the marketing strategies we have used to achieve these results so you can do the same.

Check out the video below!

If you’re a healthcare practice owner and you’re looking to expand or start your second premises. Listen up, I’ve started our second premises just three months ago. And I want to share with you, I want to actually pull back the curtains on the results that we’ve had over the last three months of starting a new practice from scratch.

Now you can see here, it wasn’t just your average practice. We went all out. Here you can see, our former pilates studio around here. And then around here, you can see that we’ve got the full fit out of medics machines and also seven consult rooms as well. We weren’t just going to jump the gun and create a practice. This significant if we didn’t know what we were doing so obviously we’d created one that was super successful first.

But I just want to share with you what happened in the first three months of starting this place. So, what I want to do is actually show you guys and go through the numbers and what actually happened. And so I want to read. So it’s going to look like I’m reading here and that’s okay.

So over the last three months we had 147 new clients across 505 appointments, 90% of every single one of those new clients, rebooked. Are only 54 new clients have dropped off and the other and the remaining clients that came in are still coming to us. And we’ve, made $50,000 in revenue in the first three months as well.

And that’s just across two part-time team members to kick us off. We’re now ramping up with an additional two team members. And I just want to show you just quickly here I’ve created a report. And you’ll be able to see from this report, exactly what I mean in terms of where these clients have come from.

So you can say there’s a good even spread of people that have come from Google, Facebook, word of mouth, client, team and there’s 154 all together. So I’m just going to break down our revenue. So let’s talk about what the outcome was for each marketing effort. So you can see here, 14 new clients from Facebook ads has equated to four thousand 200.

Google ads, 68, which has totaled 20,000. SEO, zero so far, we’re still ramping it up, relatively new to the area. So it takes time, obviously with SEO. GP referrals, we’ve had 26 new clients from GP’s already. That’s equated to 7,800 and I use the, and promote the GP referral script, which you’ve probably heard about before.

I use that same script this time to go at and already have attracted 26 new clients from GP’s and use the script I use for the first premises, same rinse and repeat again. And look, this is just the start. This is just the initial phase of getting referrals from GP’s. We did a local shopping center drop and to the local businesses, which got six new clients straight away from.

Which is a big win, so that equated to 1,800 and the way she had a grand opening party where we actually closed the clinic and we celebrated for a Friday afternoon, we let the local community know, we let the Facebook community know, and we actually put some deals on some packages for physio and exercise physiology, reformer pilates, and things that we offered.

And we actually made, here’s this, we made $6,100 and just that one afternoon alone. So you can see the power of doing something unique in terms of a grand opening. If you’re thinking about starting a clinic, we posted it to Facebook groups as well, which we’ve got one client from, which is still okay. And that’s $300 from that client so far.

We emailed our existing database. We don’t have any stats for that because the stats will be existing clients who have come here. So they won’t, it doesn’t actually tally up new clients, but we know a lot from our existing premises came through from our email campaigns that we were doing. We also handed out $50 gift cards to start things off.

We’ve got 24 new clients from that, which is amounted to $7,200. My wife and business partner, Teagan joined the BNI, which she’s starting to attract new clients from as well. And then from the team word of mouth, we’ve got eight clients already so far, which is equated to $2,400. So we’ve been open three months, 147 new clients attracted in that time like that. Across 505 appointments with just two part-time team members.

So you can see the strategies that we do, work. I teach these strategies through the coaching program, but also implement everyday. So this new location, we proved it again. We proved that no matter where you go, what location you start, the marketing works. And so if you were looking to grow your practice or if you’re looking to want to attract more clients, or you’re looking to expand and grow and take things to another level that you’ve never been before, then book a discovery call with me.

It’s just 15 minutes and we’ll identify the three things that you can change right now to make that shift you’ve been looking for. So that you can take control and grow the practice of your dreams. Hope that helps. Cheers guys. See you, bye.

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