Quarterly Reviews With Team Members

Are you a healthcare practice owner and you are having issues with your staff?

Maybe you know your staff could be performing better or maybe aren’t sure if your staff are actually performing at all?

Look, if you recruit correctly you would have a bunch of documented expectations that your staff must fulfill. 

If you do, great! Let me ask you a question. Are your staff fulfilling the expectations that they have committed to?

And If you don’t have a set of written expectations then How do you or they know what success is or what it looks like in your business?

Staff performance is critical when it comes to the overall success and profitability of your practice. We need to make sure we are doing whatever it takes to maximise personal productivity, task management and also be very clear on what that means to the business from a revenue perspective as well. So how do we guarantee high performance from every team member no matter what? We do quarterly performance reviews.

Not just having them for the sake of having them, but doing them the right way.

Hey, I am Corey from AYP and I help busy healthcare business owners create more freedom, reduce clinical hours while amplifying their income.

There are 3 keys for a great quarterly review with a team member.

  1. Listening to their perspective on how life is in your business – understanding their world is a critical part of great leadership and it’s hard to help someone be better if you don’t know what’s going on for them
  2. Sharing what’s good – a little praise goes a long way, I bet there a things that everyone one of you team members is doing well, when’s the last time to actually stopped and praised someone
  3. Once you listen to them, share with them what’s good now.
  4. Number 3 is offering advice – you now have an opportunity to offer non threatening advice on how they can improve that they can actually digest. Why? because it’s come in the form of a structured process.

Since doing this, we have been able to create so much more obligation from the team members to actually want to succeed, meet expectations, live out their lifes best work and go above and beyond because they just get it, they get what there hard work means and they love being apart of a team that cares about them.

Secondly, I have never had to fire someone – We have only had people deselect and in my opinion that’s always the best way. It’s because underperformers never last long in a high performing environment.

The other great thing about it is you uncover opportunities you never would have otherwise been open to for example from this process alone, we took one of our admin team members from just being on the front desk to off the front desk completely all the way to our full time practice manager.

It will give you an amazing opportunity to reward performance more frequently and reinforce good behaviour and with any issues you get to kill the monster while its still a baby, leaving no room for any drama or conflict in your business.

If you would like to learn more about how we create consistent superstar team members or you would like to learn more about how we lead and manage our team of high performers then let’s jump on a call.

What we’ll do on the call is dig deep into how you could apply our systems to grow your practice in the next 90 days.

The session is free —because we’re happy to help.

But why would we do it for free?

Well we know that there is a percentage of people who will be interested in working with us to implement the plan we map out together and for those people, we will book a separate appointment.

If that’s not you, no problem at all. The discovery call is all about you, not us.

You’ll walk away with a real plan to do this on your own.

But the only way to get the plan is to fill in the little form and then schedule a time with me.

Again, thanks for watching the video — I’m looking forward to meeting you, and seeing if our amplify your practice frameworks can help you grow.

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