How To Complete 75% Of Your Admin Tasks For Less Than $7 P/H

Hey, I am Corey from AYP and I help busy healthcare business owners create more freedom, reduce clinical hours while amplifying their income.

Are you a healthcare private practice owner that would love to have 75% of your admin work completed for less than $7 p/h.

Most healthcare business owners I speak to when I ask the question of how many hours do they spend on admin, data entry and manual paperwork on top of seeing clients their answers blow my mind. It’s no wonder they are stressed, overworked, and client care suffers.

If you want more time to focus on actually growing your business, be less stressed and get more done then you are in the right place.

Look, when me and my wife first started our Exercise Physiology practice, we had no admin, no support staff, we would work seeing clients all day, catch up with calls, reports, invoicing, scanning and renaming documents, rebooking and catching up with additional client demands at the end of the day quite often not getting home until 9pm or later, it was tiring, stressful and unsustainable. We had to make a shift. We decided to do the traditional thing which was to hire our first admin team member, but even that wasn’t enough, though the phones were being answered and clients were being rebooked, all the other work was too much for one person so we still had to do hours of work at the end of the day.

It’s not until I learned that we could get a V.A to do work for us that I started looking into it.

I spent months studying the process of working with V.A’s learning how to hire, recruit and train them. I Found out what works, where to go and took massive action. We found the perfect candidate, creating systems, and trained accordingly to do all the additional work we had to do for less than $7 australian per hour.

This became and still is to this day the most powerful and cost effective productivity strategy we’ve implemented to date.

If this is something that you would like to know more about.

There are 3 things you need to do.

Identify which tasks to delegate

  • What tasks are the repetitive ones, the tasks you don’t want to do, and are not the best use of your time, the ones that are done over and over the same way, write down everything that isn’t the best use of your time. As a business owner, all business growth is sales and marketing lead and if you want to grow your business and 70-80% of your time is not spent on these activities then make the shift by delegating everything else to a V.A.

Find the perfect V.A

  • One of the hardest things is knowing where to go to get the right person. There are a lot of places we traditionally look, FIVER, UPWORK, etc. But these are often international freelancers who are paid per job and can be unreliable, hard to communicate with and expensive at times. Where I recommend you go is This is a direct website to Filipino V.A’s. It’s around $60 p/m to sign up to but it has the ability for you to complete a detailed description of the work you are wanting to complete, then it matches it against the perfect person to match your needs, their DISC profiles, skillset, availability and cost. My advice is to shortlist a bunch, pick the top 5 then interview. Once interviews are complete, set the same task to each and look for someone who will meet your expectations then hire. You do not then need to hire directly through the site, you hire them from your practice as you would a contractor then cancel your subscription.

Training and management

  • As you would with a normal employee, training and management are fundamental, the right position description, with a clear expectation of what is expected, performance to meet etc, consistency or training is paramount as well as creating easy to follow systems in video. Screen recording and checklists work best. Continue to check in each week as you would any person in your business.

If you want more time to focus on actually growing your business, be less stressed and get more done then this may be the right time to make this move in your business.

If you want to do it the right way & make sure it’s the right time for you in your practice then book a discovery call with me.

During this 15 minute discovery call we will brainstorm ideas to make the solutions to these problems a reality in your practice & create a plan to implement.

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