What’s The Best Use Of Practitioners Time Outside Of Seeing Clients?

Hey guys, in this video I want to talk about what’s the best use of a practitioner’s time outside of seeing clients? And so what do we do then? How do we ensure that we maximize the productivity of our team? And how do we guarantee that the team can actually have something to do in that time that’s productive? If we don’t actually make that time productive, if we don’t actually show the team what to do, and we don’t actually create a system of a step-by-step on what’s a priority, then the practitioners are going to do whatever they feel is important, or what’s just going to keep them busy. And the problem is that they’ll most likely mistake movement for achievement. And so what can we do?

When a team member has a gap, a gap in time, a client’s canceled, or there’s lots of room, maybe a couple of hours in the day, what we can do is have a system where the practitioner has their first priority being how do we attract more clients in the door? And so the first thing they can do is think about, okay, so what can we do to build referral partners? Maybe there’s someone out there that shares their ideal type of client but doesn’t directly compete. And what they can do is go out there and form a partnership with that person and attract clients to the business and have more new clients coming in.

The second thing they can do is go down to the local community and maybe they can do a drop of business cards or some vouchers or brochure handout. Or, hey, just meet with the local community. How many hairdressers are around at the moment? And how many people do hairdressers speak to in a day? And so why not speak to the local hairdressers in the area? It makes sense, right?

Number three, maybe share some content on social media. Put a message out there and add some value. These activities are actually going to move the needle and bring more people through the door.

So, number one, how do we attract more people? Number two is how do we reactivate past clients? It’s likely that the practitioner would have had cancellations, people not show up, people who have self-discharged without getting the result. And so what they can do is actually ring them up, see how they are. And it can be like, “Hey, I’m so and so, I just wanted to call you personally just to check-in, see how you’re going and if you have any questions, and if you’re wanting to return back to that caring and finally get that back fixed that I know you’ve been wanting to do.” And so what you can do is actually have them contact their past clients.

And then with your practice management software, you can actually download those reports, so you can go to missed appointment reports or cancellation reports, or clients without upcoming appointment reports, and you can find all those people that have been in from the last two weeks ago to six months ago and I can create a list and they can proactively reactivate people back into that care. And what that’ll do is it’ll fill the diary back up with people who are coming back and getting the care that they needed anywhere.

The third thing is a support contact, so did they have any new clients the day before who they took through a treatment plan, and as a result of that treatment plan they took that plan home with them, and now they’re not going to see you for a few days or maybe a week. And so what happens if they didn’t quite understand that plan? What happens if they didn’t get how to do their exercises properly? So what you can do is actually create a support contact notification in their diary and have them contact their clients from the day or the days before just to check in with them and see how they’re going. Could you imagine how awesome that would make the client feel if they’ve got a personal contact from their physio or their allied health professional?

Number four is then, okay cool, notes and reports now. So, what notes? Are we all caught up to do date? Are we up to date with all of our reports back to our referring GPs? And just to make sure that we’re all caught up.

And then number five can be content creation. And so blogs, Facebook posts for laters that I’d have to do it ad hoc. And so you can add blogs to the website and they can attract their ideal types of clients that way as well.

So, those are the five things. Number one is attracting new clients. Number two is reactivating past clients. Number three is support contact, reaching out to clients who have been in the day or days before. Number four, notes and reports. And number five, content creation.

And so what you can do beyond that is this thing called time blocking. And so what time blocking is, is all the activities that they need to do, the activities that I’ve shared with you now, that’ll take a certain amount of time to complete. For example, it might take about three, three, and a half hours in the week. And instead of just guesstimating that time for the team member, what you can do is actually time block out how long each activity’s going to take and block that activity out as a block in their diary somewhere. If it’s at the end of the week if it’s outside of their work hours. And then what they can do is when they’re going through their week as they’re doing that activity or that task they can bring that time block into the week. And so by the end of the week, all that activity should be completed and you’ll look back and see no gaps and you can see how proactive the team has been and how productive they were. And, we know that all work got done and nothing got missed.

So, that is high-level of client care that is exceeding expectations. And that is making sure that they do their job well and nothing gets missed. I hope that helps. That was what to focus on, or what to do, or what practitioners can do outside of seeing clients face to face. I hope that helps. Cheers, bye.

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