How To Convert 90% Of Phone Enquiries Into Bookings

Are you a healthcare private practice owner that would love to convert 90% plus of phone enquiries into bookings?

Most healthcare business owners I speak to when I ask the question of how many enquiries into your business convert into bookings, most say well I am pretty sure most of the calls that come in become bookings, I obviously respond with, how do you know for sure? 9 times outta 10 I get well, I don’t really know…

I don’t really know, ok how about this, lets say your lifetime value of a client is $600 being conseritive. The phone rings, is a prospect. Lets say your admin team member answers the phone incorrectly and they do not book an appointment, the reality is that why don’t you just go get $600 and throw it in the bin. That is the reality! True? I can guarantee that is happening everyday probably multiple times per day.

So if you want to stop burning money,  help more people, become fully booked and have great cash flow then you are in the right place.

Look, when I first started my Exercise Physiology practice, we had no admin, no training, I remember running people through sessions while the phone is ringing, picking it up when I could trying to book appointments at the same time, looking back I think wow, imagine how many people we missed being able to help out and how much money we burned for so long.… It was chaotic, we now have very well trained admin team members that convert almost every enquiry that contacts us and we measure it on a daily basis.

There are 3 things you need to do.

Never let the phone go to VM

  • People are calling around and people are not wanting to waste time in leaving VM’s to be contacted back, if your phone is ringing and you are not picking up every call every time, you are burning money.

Implement Scripts

  • If the people in your business are answering the phone and responding to client enquiries based on how they feel like doing it on the day, how likely are they going to be able to actually understand what the client needs and also what happens when a prospect ask how much you are and your admin team member goes straight to giving them the price, people are only making the decision to use you on price that it, you will lose bookings, lose helping more people and burn cashflow.

Understand their pain point

  • When someone calls your practice, all people really want to know is that you have the solution to their problem, and if your admin team member doesn’t know how to ask the right questions to identify the pain point and build excitement that your practice is best decision for them, then you risk people just thinking about it, or if they do book in, canceling it or just not showing up on you.

The benefits of solving these problems is that you become fully booked, as a business you have great cash flow and no wasted opportunity.

If you would like these results in your practice then book a discovery call.

During this 15 minute discovery call we will brainstorm ideas to make the solutions to these problems a reality in your practice & Create a plan to implement.

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